OpenWRT on Netgear R6260

Hi all,
happy to have joined this fantastic community.

Quick question as I'm in the process of replacing my stock (buggy) Netgear R6260 firmware with an OpenWRT one.

I see 3 different links to update the fw:




What should I use exactly, and how?
I did some research but honestly I could not find it out.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the reply, but I had found that page already.

The question was more: I see 3 packages to be downloaded actually.

Should I install all of them one after the other? Or just the .img file?
What are the .bin files all about?

I'm rather worried of bricking my device, hence the (maybe dumb) question.


then I guess found <> read (or understood).

what does the installation chapter say ?

I did read it of course, and there is no mention to whether the 3 files should be used or just one.
There is just a "generic" installation page only mentioning the .img file.
Nothing about the other two.

Do you happen to know more about this?

really, are we looking at the same page ?



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Yes, we are.
Still that does not answer to my (simple?) question: what are the .bin files all about and are they needed?

Do you happen to know or not?

does it matter, you don't need them ?
kernel is the kernel, and rootfs is the root file system, they're coming from;a=commit;h=83a97c53face95b8c7239da25a1c7f776bcfc521

R6260 = R6350 = R6850 image wise, according to;a=commit;h=6cea9688af4a05f407266ed1de5a739e5c984b8c

again, you don't need them, nor does the install instruction tell you to use them.

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So we now understood you have no idea. Nice. We finally got there, thanks god.

I think mine was a fair question by the way, as this is the overall objective of joining a forum: gather information from people who are supposed to know more than you.

Shame that your attitude is definitely not the right one for such a wonderful and helpful community.

I'm confused, are you saying that after reading the instructions and being helped by frollic (he even provided a screenshot of the relevant instructions) - that you're still asking for assistance?

It's not clear because your question seems thoroughly answered. If you still need assistance, feel free to reply with clarification. Also, if you're just curious about the purpose of the other 2 files, feel free to clarify that as well.

BTW, welcome to the community!

frollic edited his last post actually, where he initially confessed he had no idea about what the .bin files were all about.
Hope that clarifies.


I assume that means yes you're still asking?

It didn't really clarify. I read (and yes I can also see the edit):

You would use these in a scenario where you e.g. manipulate the boot loader directly and upload the kernel and root to the memory for boot.

I assume that's because as noted, the R6260 instructions don't note a general use for them.


I eventually understood that only the .img file should be used, and the other two can be disregarded.
This is the very answer I could have received since the beginning.
Not sure why that did not happen, 'cause I could not have been more clear in what I ultimately needed.

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Tbh, that wasn't clear to me, I can't speak for others.

I'll admit I was somewhat nearsighted - only because people generally ask how to install OpenWrt- not ask what's the purpose of the unneeded files.

In any case, glad your question was answered. Best wishes with OpenWrt!

the wiki page only mentions the factory image.
what part of the instruction do you find unclear ?

No, it does not.
Wiki page does mention both the extensions (.img/.bin) and 3 different files under "Firmware OpenWrt Install".
That is very confusing.

mentions <> links, imho.

not if you actually read the installation guide.

I disagree. Installation guide is unclear about what files should be used.
And you indeed confirmed only .img should be used.
If that was true, the other 2 should be removed. At least if you want to be clear...

How can it be clarified?

I'm willing to edit it.

Keep in mind though - since the other 2 can be used for an installation, I think better wording is needed, not a removal of the 2 files. Feel free to provide wording that matches that concern.

Just FYI - this page edit would likely need to be done for every device, having boot loader files available for a device is rather common thing. Please consider that as well.

Apply factory OpenWrt image via OEM web-gui.

This already seems extremely clear to me. Maybe you can expound on what thought-processes or inquires were piqued by this phrase that caused you to consider the other 2 files that were not mentioned.

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ciao luca, first time use factory.img, next time when you will flash a new version of openwrt use sysupgrade.bin
factory.img is needed only from vendor to openwrt firmware.

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