OpenWrt hangs after GRUB

Hi all, first time trying to install OpenWrt on bare metal.

Following the instructions on installing OW on x86, grub ran after restarting my PC. Once the countdown timer expires, I'm showing this message, "Booting `OpenWrt'" but there's no messages following it unlike when I ran it in a VM.

I've tried and the newer v22.03.5 but to no avail. Tried running off the internal nvme drive as well as various USB drives too.

Fwiw I tried running ArchLinux 2023.09.01 on it and it had no problem booting up. It's an AMD Ryzen R1505G machine. Appreciate any pointers!

Try adding nomodeset as kernel param.

Doesn't seem to work. I'm getting a "Booting a command list" message instead but still no progress after. The new message seems to appear when I go into grub's editor, regardless of whether I actually changed any params.

Found the problem. Looks like kernel param has console set to serial. There isn't one on this machine.