OpenWrt for Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1) development discussion

MediaTek might be affected by the problem and not Qualcomm. As @bluewavenet said it's specific radio hardware.

I've had similar issues both with WDS (on separate SSID) and mesh11sd. I need either one to connect one of my AP's wirelessly (I don't have the possibility to wire it at that location).

After lots of testing it seems to do with the handling of multiple SSID's (which is also needed for 802.11s). This breaks the connection after several hours/days.

I've changed to a setup where the same SSID is used for clients and for the WDS connection to my other AP. Now, my connection is completely stable for about 3 months without any hiccup.

Maybe a driver issue in the support of multiple AP's on the same band?


Just bought 2 of these as currently being driven bonkers by a Now TV 3 router. So few options. Can't even specify DNS, old hacky way was patched.

Components looking great for OpenWRT from what I can see and glad to see very healthy active work on it as a target...and with latest wifi standard etc very handy.

I can see we've got it booting etc from the site. Keen to know what is working and what isn't as my first instinct is to mod these bad boys immediately. Failing which my plan will be to use them as a mesh network, hope they will work with NowTV out of the box but swap them out with the Now TV Broadband 2 router once OpenWRT gets to a stage that it can do what I need (needs Option 61 and MPoA which I'm not sure if they support out of the box but which OpenWRT will support.

Those who've got it running - how reliable is it? What's working what isn't?

Can see it's super hopeful for getting it working perfectly and at that price worth it. Even if it does duty extending the range of my horrid router until we reach a point where I can use it!

Thanks so much all for the hard pioneering work in this thread. You rock!


I am running two of these with OpenWRT 23.05.2 since about 5 months without any problems. Once device is a dumb AP, the other one a wireless bridge. Current uptime is 69 days.
So I would recommend the WSM20, especially if you can catch them at a low price (I think I payed like 80€ for a pack of two).

I’m running two, one as a PPPoE router/WiFi AP and the other as a dumb AP. I have gigabit wired backhaul between them and hardware acceleration enabled.

I reliably get full speed from my ~70Mbps internet connection on wired or wireless. 300-400 Mbps on WiFi to my NAS, and 600ish Mbps on wired, which I think is limited by the NAS CPU doing ssh (iperf shows 900-950Mbps)

Uptime was pushing 100 days but I’ve just updated the firmware. Updating is the only reason I’ve needed to reboot - they’re pretty bomb proof.

I paid £90 for 3. Would definitely buy again.