OpenWrt for Xiaomi Mi Router 4C

How to install it for the first time ?:

1- Use to gain telnet access.

3- After gaining telnet access use any ftp client to upload openwrt to /tmp/

4- Run "mtd -r write /tmp/openwrt-ramips-mt76x8-xiaomi_mi-router-4c-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin OS1" on shell to install openwrt.

5- Now wait until router reboots itself.

6- Router's IP adress is now.

7- Go to on your browser

8- If everything goes alright, you are on LuCI (admin panel of OpenWrt) now.

How to update from earlier versions ?

1- Go to System -> Backup/Flash Firmware.

2- Under "Flash new firmware image" browse new bin and hit upload then install.

Download from here


Great job! @MacTavishAO
Finally someone putting in deeply knowledgeable efforts to this cheap beast! We are a small group of testers at this link

All those who want to test or make builds for mi router 4c join us. We will make the perfect rom. And release here on openwrt too.

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Thanks @MacTavishAO. I flashed your build to my Xiaomi 4c router.
Everything works, including WAN port, except I can't install SQM package with this build,
there's satisfy dependency error.

root@OpenWrt:/etc/config# opkg install luci-app-sqm
Installing luci-app-sqm (1.4.0) to root...
Collected errors:
 * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for luci-app-sqm:
 *      kernel (= 5.4.58-1-2c2a29f33dbfa5b2cb8147e6db800d0d)
 * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package luci-app-sqm.

My build is from main branch so a lot of changes happen. They upstreamed the kernel. I can give update soon (probably today).

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Nice a firmware with fixed wan port.

New update is up. Enjoy!


  • Upstream OpenWrt sources.
  • Linux Kernel 5.4.59.
  • Built-in luci-app-sqm.
  • Built-in libustream-openssl.


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Thanks @MacTavishAO!!!

Is this commited to the OpenWRT source?

Best regards.

You're welcome. I sent the patch. If everything goes alright, it should be in openwrt source.

New update is up. Enjoy!


  • Upstream OpenWrt sources.
  • Linux Kernel 5.4.61.
  • Built-in luci-app-openvpn.
  • Built-in openvpn-openssl.


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Cool! The thing I needed to deploy! Thank you!

tried to do opkg update on ssh as well but I had the same error. When I tried manually downloading one package file, it says:

Connecting to
Connection error: Invalid SSL certificate

Can you edit the list and make everything http ?

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I managed to edit the list and everything is all good. Thanks!

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do i use Mi Router Nano if im building a firmware?

Nope. Use mi-router-4c.

Hello everybody
Does anyone have idea of the configuration of the 4 antennas and gain?
I mean the router is only 2,4GHz 2x2 but it has 4 antennas. How are they used?
And the SOC is rated to have 5GHz too, will it be enabled in OpenWRT or the config is 2,4GHz only in any case?
And antenna gain is declared 5dBi on 4A but I don't find anything about 4C.
Thank you

Anyone has a chinese firmware?
I need to recover from a bad flash.
Cant find anything online.

Thanks We have both international and chinese firmware here.

please release a firmware

  • stock gui (same gui as official release)
  • stock packages (same as official release)
  • wifi dbm max 24 (r4a 100m firmware can do this)

i would still prefer to use r4a 100m but wan port is not functioning.


can i start from step 3 because i use "putty" and serial port connected to router motherboard
note step 2 is missing in your prosejare