OpenWrt for TD-W9960 v1 or TD-W8901N v2

Hello everyone! I have two TP-Link modem routers (TD-W9960 v1 and TD-W8901N v2). I want to install OpenWrt, but I search and know not supported by OpenWRT, can I do anything?

Neither of those devices are supported by OpenWrt:

Therefore, you cannot install OpenWrt on those routers.

The 8901v2 appears to have only 2MB flash and 8MB of RAM... not even remotely supportable by OpenWrt.

I'm unable to find any detailed tech specs (RAM, flash, processor, etc) for the W9960, but I would guess that it is also unsupportable at this point by extrapolating from the basic specs (100Mbps ethernet, 802.11n @ 300Mbps).

I want a way to connect to a v2ray sever from the modem, but I think not can with these modems.
If you know anything to help me, please tell me.
Thanks for your time

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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