OpenWrt for Sercomm Model S3

This device doesn't support 22.03.3. Only snapshot.
Check your MAC address in Network Interface. If it changes on everyboot you probably lost your device configuration & wireless firmware in mtd2 partition. confirm this then i will send you dump of that partition for restoration.
For usb to work boot flag should be 0
"Boot Flag : Sercomm0"

I have checked mac addresses, it remains same on everyboot.
how to change boot flag to sercomm0

You can share dump file with me, I will give a try and will let you know, also tell me how to write it with ssh.

The image you had installed doesn't contain wireless drivers for this router. Update snapshot image & install luci. Wireless will be ok.
For bootflag follow This Guide
I have uploaded mtd backups of this router here OEM_MTD_Backups

hey bro
can i know the steps to install the gui version
i am new to this area

is the gui version working for using it are a router with both 2ghz and 5ghz and custom DNS

LuCI essentials

which app shod i use to enter these codes
since i am a complete newbie

Please help after I follow all the steps now Iā€™m not able to access my router and more via web not loading and the ssh giving me a wrong password so cloud you please tell me what im missing. Thanks in advance

Thanks a lot, man for your instructions finally I did and managed to install luci also so really great job :clap:

Hi bro if you need any help let me know will be happy to assist you