OpenWrt for Sercomm Model S3

This is off-topic for these forums. Ask in the padavan support community, not here

ok thanks for suggestion

please shear this file
and please guide how to install .

i my brick my Etisalat-S3.
try to flash this .img flash successfully but but now even not connecting to pc on login page.plz help me its only show green and red light.

Hi guys, so I followed the guide here and I'm stuck after Step 3. I uploaded the configuration, and my lan is manually configured on ip

Step 4 is to connect via Putty SSH but my connection just times out.

Can someone please help how I can proceed from here?


Hi, how did you get past Step 3 of the installation guide? Once you upload the config file, how do you connect via SSH? I keep getting connection timed out.

Never mind, I resolved it.

Hello sir @Shahid
could you please help me
I have successfully installed the latest version


but every time i reboot the device I lose openwrt and return to the default firmware ?

what I am doing wrong sir ?

follow the steps here

Is there any reason why there's two wiki pages for the same device? As far as I can tell, they're talking about the same thing:

I'm particularly interested because I'm in the region, I could potentially get this device sometime down the line.