Openwrt firmware tp-link archer MR600 v1

that's at least progress, this was a stripped tplink image ?

yes, file:

Which firmware version is this? Sometimes, old firmware versions do not boot on all hardware versions. Judging from the filename, it's 1.1.1 while 1.3.0 is already available.

nicefile, he saved me :slight_smile:

as a result, I completely flashed the device, its image, through 2 menu items and everything worked, at least for now)

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@nicefile what did you do ?

removed uboot, I guess, but feel free to post how much was cut out ...

so I've removed header + uboot of total 0x20200 like andyboeh suggested.
Now when we know so much about recovery @ParinovYT can proceed with OpenWrt support :wink:


well, if we have sorted out the restoration of my router from the brick state, I think I can flash the router calmly with your test firmware, for me anyway the issue with the working initramfs-kernel for revision v1 remains open, since I am not able to assemble such a device for our device.