OpenWrt Firmware for Archer c6 v3.2

Stable release may take 6 months.

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Thanks for your response, should I install snapshot and update luci/packages or go with A6 image?

I installed A6 images both are same hardware. But to do that you have to install the snapshot first then force upgrade to a6 model software via sysupgrade.
Trust me you won't regret.

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how did you get back to the factory firmware???

does anyone know how to create a vlan, as there is no longer the switch network option as in the old versions of openwrt??

"Use The Search, Luke!" (c)
First links from google search request point to
DSA mini tutorial and
Converting to DSA

Thanks for the great tips!
I wonder why the official release is delayed so much, been waiting for almost an year for it, going to try your method now.

You don't need to Install A6 image, install Luci in snapshot. Wifi on 5Ghz was on default channel 36 and was working great.

2.4Ghz was only 20Mhz support only.

I tried just for testing forcing A6 image and it was kind of bricked. So I will advise against adding A6 image.

However, after testing it for a while. I found the stock to be performing better.

So am sticking to it for now.

I want to be able to use the web interface, that wont be included with the snapshot i presume.

You can update via CLI once the install is done. Or put it behind another router temporarily for updating and downloading packages.

After installing a snapshot image, you can manually install LuCI to get the web interface.

If you are using Windows 10 or Linux, open a command or terminal session and type the following command to access OpenWRT via command line (assuming that you just fresh installed a snaphot image with default configurations and your device is up and running and has internet access):


You will then have access to OpenWRT command line. Then execute the following commands to install LuCI:

opkg update
opkg install luci

After these commands are executed, you should be able to access OpenWRT web interface at

More details at


I wanted to use the stripped fw you created earlier but cant access it now.
And can you please explain me how exactly did you excecute the tplink safeloader script ?

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Yes, I did remove it from my OneDrive but if you want to try I just put it back online again:!AorfKe3ImcTd5ZtnixNisnxuoShBOQ (Password: a6c6revert)

The instructions to execute the TP-Link safeloader are the same as the TP-Link RE200 as documented below:

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Alright.Thanks for the file.
Successfully reverted Archer C6 v3.2 (US) back to stock firmware from Openwrt snapshot.

So, is everything working fine and stable including the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi?

Not that great compared to stock. I will stick to Stock for now.

I see. I actually need SQM so I have no choice. I am fine without 5Ghz band as well as I have another spare router for that.


5 ghz works fine.


And the 2.4Ghz too right (no disconnection/signal strength issues)?

How did you open it ? It seemed like a solid block. Lol