OpenWrt dark theme script

It just adds the code for .css style at the end to make it dark." /www/luci-static/bootstrap/cascade.css"
if you don;t like it just delete the last part or just make a back up of cascade.css of bootstrap and restore it link ("") Download this and winscp to a router's tmp folder and chmod +x . and run the script.


Man i really like to have this themes on my routers :slight_smile: link no work anymore can u give me new one or send to email? i like dark themes very much! Thanks!

Heck yea! I need something like this for sure, night owl that I am :smiley:

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Me to man :smiley: i like dark pictures themes etc... bcs of eyes :smiley:

I managed to change the colors on the luci, I changed the file cascade.css ... but I didn't manage the main white background at all! but I find everything else I managed to change ...CAN SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH MAIN BACKGROUND ?

echo "
    background: black !important;
    background-color: black !important;
" >> /www/luci-static/bootstrap/cascade.css
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just copy paste.


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Greetings from Cerro Azul, ver. MX. I edited the cascade with only changing the values and I created a dark version of luci,. If anyone want I can give the file... or the values.

Hello JIMBONOMAN, I really like how it looks, you could send me the file, thanks

1 Like Greetings here is the file, my system are in spanish so if you can, firts look the files and make a backup of this files before you copy and paste the mod files greetings....

Hello, thanks for sharing, I also have the system in Spanish, I am Spanish.

Saludos cordiales, asi es amigo ahorita he actualizado la version de openwrt tengo un cpe 210 tplink y he modificado esos archivos en los valores de fondo y color de botones, puedes hacer pruebas primero has respaldo de tus archivos cascade y luego pegar el modificado

Kind regards, that's right, my friend, I have updated the version of openwrt, I have a cpe 210 tplink and I have modified those files in the background values ​​and button color, you can do tests first, you have backup of your cascade files and then paste the modified

When writing in your native language, please always provide an english translation.
This way other users all around the world can take part in the discussion and possibly benefit from the outcome, without having to use a translator.



Que bonito te ha quedado, entonces vuelvo a descargar? Soy de Madrid, España pero vivo en Belgica, un abrazo amigo.

How beautiful you have, then I download again? I am from Madrid, Spain but I live in Belgium a hug friend

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I did the translation :blush::blush::blush:

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Greetings my Friend let me upload the last modified cascada file and the status pages greetings from Veracruz, Mexico.

Can you publish a complete list of substitutions you make in the css file? If you can, they can be automated to the point of creating a new makefile for the new package.

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