OpenWrt 22.03 and WDR4900v1

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Is there any news on the TP-Link WDR4900v1 going to be supported by OpenWrt 22.03?
This unit has enough RAM and flash storage but there seems to be an issue with the flash layout if I understand it correctly.
I have a couple of these units running on 21.02.3 and would like to keep them running OpenWrt with newer builds in the future.
Can anyone put some effort in it to get the WDR4900v1 supported?

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That would be sad. I have 6 of those units and they never let me down. They have a stable connection on 2.4GHz compared to the Archer C7 v2 that has stability issues with ESP8266 units.

The post you showed mentioned that wireless is out dated. Maybe that is so compared to modern routers but other routers that are supported have the same or less specifications and 450Mbs at 5GHz is more than enough to use on a 100Mbs internet connection.
The SOC is indeed powerful. I get better performance out of the WDR4900v1 than out of Archer C7 v2, v4 and v5. So there may be specs that are out-dated compared to modern units, but there is enough in this WDR4900v1 worth keep it running.

A compile setting was mentioned that seems to help (for now).

I have no idea what to do with this setting and it would be great if I could download an image for the WDR4900v1

Are there other models that have the same kernel size issue? I can imagine that the WDR4900v1 is not the only one and that it is worth saving those units by developing a fix.
If necessary for a dev, I can supply a WDR4900v1 unit.

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We are using some WDR4900 in our family with 21.02.* too. To keep the effort as low as possible I would like to use the same OpenWrt Version on all those devices (WDR4900, Archer C7 V5, NanoPi R2S, NETGEAR GS308T, AVM 4020, x86_64).

The WDR4900 are the most reliable devices I ever used.
5GHz ? Seems to be a publicity stunt to me. Its mostly useless, since most clients (like the lawn mower, all my IOT devices) support 2,4 GHZ only.

So I would be very dissapointed if the WDR4900 are not supported in 22.03.

And because I don't have the money to replace all the WDR4900, no support means to me: Stay at 21.02.* with all devices in the family as long as possible :frowning:

You really want 22.03~ on x86_64, gs308t and r2s - and c7-v5, 4020 won't have any problems with 22.03~ either. Currently there is no future for the wdr4900, while chances are non-zero, it's very unlikely to be fixed (probably never at all).