OpenWrt 21.02 and switch configuration (wrt3200acm)

Dear all,
I am not an expert in networking and I have serious problems reproducing this situation I had in my openwrt 19 on WRT3200adm


The configuration of a VLAN 100 is a necessary condition to be able to watch TV with the French provider Free and my wife and kids are very unhappy :slight_smile:



Not quiet sure but I have read somewhere here in the forum that on dual or multi CPU device all/each CPU needs to have the vlan tagged.


What port is TV connected? We see no LAN ports with '100' tag.

At that time I was using LAN1

So what is your task? To connect '100' VLAN to TV?

Yep, I am in this situation: [Tutorial] Linksys WRT3200ACM - FreeBox V8 Bridge here @sattaz explains the situation well

After 2 days of testing I am still unable to correctly setup a VLAN with OpenWRT 21 :frowning: