OpenWrt 21.02.1 First service release

Has anyone used the "LED configuration" function? I can open that page, and I clicked the edit of default item on the page many times, but the configuration dialog cannot be open.
I am using Redmi AC2100.

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Show me a device witch 3 USB ports and 128mb FLASH !
And gigabit lan and very cheap.

It is the BEST of all i found.
Only sim card slot is not there ( but there is a version witch LTE - not supported by any openwrt software)

But there are plenty of devices with one or two USB ports that actually work, with decent wireless and better performance…

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sure, gigabit lan ... that's a description that doesn't mean much ... for example, a pi3b+ has gigabit lan - it can't do gigabit though, lucky to get 300Mbit

as for "very cheap" - that often means you get what you pay for

Thank you for all the hard work!

Installed on four devices and it works very well:
Routers: Meraki MX60 and MX60W
APs: Merkai MR24 and MR33,
Pending upgrade APs MR12/16/18 will up from OpenWRTs 19.x.x later on.

Cheers, awesome work!

The issues on WRT3200ACM seem to persist, but great work is done at the moment to isolate the root cause:


I think it was just a case of not rebooting after doing the installation of whatever packages you use. At least here, those installations take some RAM until the system is rebooted, which if you hadn't could have easily made you think that this build took more RAM when comparing with figures from a rebooted 21.02.0.

On a related note, it's been long enough now where I can make a call on the memory differential between 21.02 and 19.07 with the same configuration. With the earlier build I'd average about 75670 KB free, whereas now it's about 5,000 KB less. So, not bad.

Rebooting wasn't a factor.

As I mentioned, I rolled back to 20.02.0, and it uses about the same amount of memory...after rebooting both.

I think I had written down the 19.07.8 usage, and used that number, but I'm not planning to roll back to find out.

So far, 20.02.1 is working well.

Thanks ... will stay for now with 19.07.8

Yes, same here with WRT3200ACM. Did 19.* to 21.* and had the same concern. Worked fine for me after upgrade, but 5Ghz WiFi has drop-out issues with certain mobile devices (Apple). There's another thread on this issue in the forums.
You must tell it NOT to keep settings, and you must also check the box for the force upgrade so it changes the partition size. Unfortunately I do not believe there is a way to preserve/restore settings with this upgrade because it needs to re-partition the flash rom.
You should also verify you have the correct image file when you do the upgrade so you don't accidentally cause yourself problems by using the wrong image file for your router.

Not to mention the fact that wrt3200acm goes from swconfig to DSA when installing 21.02 so there are simply no settings from any previous system config to restore settings from.

Only the venom and mamba had a size change forced.

Is there any improvement in wifi comparing to 21.02.0? It was much worse than stock or Padavan. I would like very much to return to openwrt...

Disappointing. I had WDS problems, too. I went all the way back to 19.07.8 to avoid them. I guess I'll wait for 21.02.2 before upgrading.

First of all - thanks for all the great work on this release!
We use OpenWRT for more than 15 years now.

There's one thing I I would like to see: some more transparency on the question whether the obvious
software flow offloading issue will be worked on or not in the near future?

We're currently running on 1/3 of possible WAN speed, thus we would like to make a decision soon if we should replace our Archer C2600 by new device only because of this.

To me this looks like a regression introduced by some change in the past - so wouldn't it be possible to identify this regression and revert / change it into a working solution again?

If there's absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel ... what would be a possible replacement for a C2600 to run as Wifi router behind a Gbit WAN connection?
Some device that doesn't suffer from the flow offloading issue, but can deliver higher routing speed without?


I don't know much about the first part of your question, but after reading this forum thread i had a better understanding of everything that is involved from a performance perspective. And i saw some recommendations in the replies that could be of interest.

If you look further up this thread, i had the mamba version Linksys WRT1900AC v1, and i was advised to force upgrade using the factory.img. It worked for me. I don't know if the sysupgrade image would of also worked if i forced it, but I just made good doucmentation and screen caps, then reconfigured everything. The only thing i missed was that i must have had software unloading enabled, and it is disabled by default after the update do to some issues previously mentioned. Hope this helps. See anomeome comment about the only 2 versions that had a partition change. But there is still the DSA change to contend with.

I consistently had problems with my c2600, see post below. I had been running OpenWRT for years and finally just gave up and reverted to the stock, tp-link firmware and haven't had issues. How is this latest service release for you? Any crashes in the logs? Intermittent wifi problems?

None whatsoever, however its early days. My uptime is only 5days 13hrs with 21.02.1.

I've detailed my finding here: OpenWrt 21.02.1 First service release - #24 by otnert

Also adding to that post: I've moved from Samba4 to ksmbd to resolve my free space issue! Now have 12.1MB free space to install extra packages. Had some teething issues with ksmbd, but was Windows related.

Since I only use adguardhome, I can't feel the difference between the two versions.
and the speed is too slow in LAN when i transfer files from mac to iphone.