OpenWrt 19.07.x ar71xx tiny LuCI

This is a package of OpenWRT 19.07.10 stable builds for targets ar71xx.

Modifications against default tiny packages:

  • removed PPP support package
  • removed OPKG
  • added LuCI
  • added relayd
  • added WatchCat
  • replaced wpad-mini by wpad-basic

This way the builds could fit into squashfs (factory/sysupgrade) compatible builds. Relayd is there for cases where you use the device as LAN extender over WLAN without additional NAT. Wpad-basic enables the use of 802.11r.

I have selected to build only those targets, that have not been ported to ath79.

Builds have not been tested for all devices, but compiling resulted in no errors.