OpenWrt 19.07.x ath79 tiny LuCI

I believe it is in the root of the git repository. The .config file is autogenerated and modified when you run make menuconfig.

I was about to get crazy. I've just realized that the folder is HIDDEN!!! :woozy_face:

I created an account just to say thank you. I am using your 21.02 for wa901nd v5 as guest network originally from 18.06. It is working great. Better controls for Openwrt and security. The only drawback is the slow loading of the interface which is understandable because of the 4/32 nature of the device. And whenever I enter the Connections tab under Realtime graphs it only shows the device ip and ip address of the visited websites unlike 18.06 where the device/site names were identified. Otherwise, It's amazing how it resurrected such a legacy device. Thanks!


Hi, somebody has an compiled image for WA901ND v4 please?


edit: found it here: Index of /21.02.0-targets-ath79-tiny-luci (

Thank you very much!!!

I just installed 21.02.1 with the black theme on wa901nd v5. It is snappier. :slight_smile: Thanks for the update, Amazing!

I haven't been able to compile successful.
I paste the .config file in the right place, run make menuconfig, add sqm, exclude ipv6 and ppp, save and compile.
It does all the proccess fine, finish everything, but when I go to see my compilation, there is no files in folder, just manifest and other stuff, but there isn't any image for flashing.

Hoping someone can help with this, no way I can be the only person looking for this combination.

I have a few old TL-WR841N/ND revision 11 routers that I'd love to reuse as VPN routers with openvpn, does anyone have a fairly new version with Luci and openvpn they could share? I know these 4MB devices are low on space but I'd happily sacrifice just about everything other than Luci, openvpn and whatever else is a requirement for those to work, don't even care if wifi works, can rip that out if it helps with space, I'd only ever use wired connections anyway (removing wifi probably a bit extreme for most admittedly).

Looking around I found an old file that installed LEDE 17.01.6 r3979 with built in openvpn but I was having some issues connecting to my VPN provider with it (all files are known good tested on other routers and exactly as they should be but getting "Cipher aes-128-cbc not supported" message which is rather odd - can connect fine from other newer routers using this exact same config file and using aes-128-cbc so thinking this must be some weirdness with old LEDE/OpenVPN 2.4.4), would be great to try a newer OpenVPN version from this router and get additional security update/bugfixes.

Would be great if there was a newer version than 17.01.6 r3979 with built in openvpn I could try on my TL-WR841N/ND revision 11?

I had a look at the image building guide but looks like a steep learning curve really and given how popular OpenVPN is and the quantity of old 4MB devices out there that can still do a job I'm expecting someone who already has an image building VM (and knows what they are doing) could likely create such an imagine in short order or likely there are newer versions than the 17.01.6 r3979 with built in openvpn I already found that exist already?

Would really appeciate some help with this, would be crazy to have to throw these TL-WR841N/ND revision 11 routers away.

Edit: found this 17.01.7 r4030 with built in openvpn as well but same problem when I tried it although it contains the same openvpn version so I guess that makes sense...

Edit 2: Resolved issue, for some bizzare reason certain settings must be in caps for this, immediately works fine when changed to caps, crazy since older and newer versions don't need this:
cipher AES-128-CBC
auth SHA1

Would still be great to get a newer version stripped back to just include web interface and openvpn to fit 4MB but less important now I have something that actually works.


Did you see this one?

Hi, I did see it but download links were broken and was some talk I think of some problems but admittedly with things I’m not bothered about, wasn’t sure if links removed as unstable? Messaged them if have link but not been online for ages, anyone else have a copy of this 18.06.2 version and any feedback on stability specifically when using OpenVPN? Thanks

Hi, Is there any image that have opkg on it?, I have WR841N V10 with 16MB Flash. anyone can help me build with opkg?


Can you update the 19.07.xx branch to the latest version 19.07.09?
Would like to use it (tiny luci version) on my W841ND V9.

Best regards.

Here you go:
I haven't tested it though, please let me know how it works.


Thanks for keeping it up to date!
I tried 21.02 on TP-Link WR841 v9, but it's too heavy (Luci and even whole router hangs, speed only around 50MBit).
With 19.07.9 it's working fine :slight_smile:

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Interesting. I am running some 21.02.1 quite successfully on my TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v9. I built it just the same way as my 19.07.7 before, see OpenWrt 19.07.1 ath79 tiny LuCI - #121 by bers

Interesting. I tried 21.02.2 image from Ashus.

I have made new final builds, 19.07.10 for this target and for ar71xx. Now including 802.11r support, relayd and WatchCat.

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Thank a lot. Where is the link?

Sorry for the noob question, but does the relayd package implies also luci-proto-relay gui included?

Yes, it is there, see config in selected folder.

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Hi Ashus,
only created an account in the forum just for say thank you very much for your work, time and shares keeping these little bastards up and running.
Based on what I found here and because I own a few WR841 v9..11 and read about this Mesh-Thing and B.A.T.M.A.N., I will now try to build an image just with reduced stuff.
Once again thank you for your work.

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