Openconnect package disappeared

Today i want to fresh install LEDE on RT-N16 (brcm47xx mipsel_74kc) and tl-wr842nd (ar71xx mips_24kc) with openconnect-package, but this package is now missing. A month ago i installed this package without trouble.
I found similar thread Missing packages for arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3 but where can i found archive of this package?
All links lead to one place packages/ -> ../packages-17.01, where update date is today, 05.01.2018. Please help me.

I Don't think there is archive of lede package. maybe wait some day(maybe
when you downoading it just on generating process). it might work
correctly. or mirror the particular branch for your personal usage. try
google some mirrors might resolve the problem too

Rossi25 forum@lede-project.org于2018年1月5日 周五下午8:59写道:

Thanks for answer. Thanx Lede-enthusiast from Romania, i found missed package on . On the official Lede website I also found today openconnect in the snapshots-branch, but not on all arch,eg. here is present but on this package is missing. I bought Mi WiFi Router 3G (MT7621A) and i need for this package for this arch. So i ask please the developers to provide openconnect-package.

Hello, I too have the same problem with installing openconnect. It looks like the build is failing according to these logs.
I think this may be the issue.