Online tool to convert TP-Link stock firmwares to sysupgrade-compatible images

I've thrown together an online tool based on the tplink-safeloader to convert TP-Link firmwares to sysupgrade-compatible images so that people can more easily return to stock firmwares from OpenWrt.

It's available live at

You can see how it works or build and run it locally at

I've tested this on my RE450v3 and RE650v1, and it works well on both devices but as always caution is advised when flashing your devices. Looking through the tplink-safeloader source code should provide a list of which other TP-Link devices this tool will work for - it's quite a few.



I've tried the tool but the .bin which is returned is empty. 0.0 kb

It is my understanding that you have an Archer C7 v2 which uses a different system image format to those supported by this tool, which only supports the v4 and v5.

Oh, I see. Thank you. I'll keep looking and and trying for V2. I'll try to solder serial and use ttl to USB to flash but I'm waiting for the USB to arrive

Anyone else had the chance to test this tool? I was considering change my firmware back to stock and I saw this option. I don't want to brick my device again...