Online ImageBuilder and Upgrade Server

I found a little storage leak issue with the image builder which keeps every images forever stored in a imagebuidler tmp folder. I'm working on a upstream fix, sorry for the frequent downtimes lately it's just used more than the storage is cleaned...

aparcar@asu-01:~/asu/worker1/cache/22.03.0$ du -d 1 -h
400M    ./kirkwood
260M    ./gemini
2.0G    ./ipq806x
1.7G    ./ipq40xx
8.1G    ./ramips
4.0K    ./octeon
495M    ./sunxi
728M    ./lantiq
1.8G    ./rockchip
3.7G    ./mediatek
4.0K    ./realtek
5.4G    ./mvebu
8.9G    ./ath79
3.0G    ./bcm47xx
14G     ./bcm27xx
11G     ./x86
4.0K    ./bcm63xx
312M    ./mpc85xx
600M    ./apm821xx
5.4G    ./bcm53xx
66G     .

Please fix this.

Fixed, the old releases are added again

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Hi, is there a free hosting service where I could host my personal instance of ASU?

I have a custom-built packages selection I need to serve there (AFAIK, I can't do that with any "official" instances).

Sorry I'm not very familiar with the topic so please be bear with me.

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Sure, a linux system (at least VM) in your LAN. Beefy hardware, hundreds of GByte SSD storage and large monthly internet traffic aren't free, but linux and imagebuilder on your own hardware are.

Luci Attended Sysupgrade...

Can anyone tell me if the packages displayed after clicking on 'Search for Firmware Uprade', are only the top level packages, where other required dependencies are then installed automatically (but not listed on the same package display list)?


EDIT: found out for myself... I can confirm the packages listed are the top level packages required to install all the other required dependencies. Good to know if you want to reinstall all your installed packages manually without having to list all of them individually!

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Thanks for this great service. Why are custom defaults are not enabled? Would it be possible to enable custom defaults?


Please add this section!

In the past, this feature existed, but it doesn't seem to exist anymore.
This feature is great for Wi-Fi configuration.
Alas, you have now removed this option.

& I must say that the Attended Sysupgrade package feature does not work for Version 19.07.10

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The same, the configuration that is entered in that place, was eliminated in the following updates.

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