Online ImageBuilder and Upgrade Server

I really need this. Also, I need the option to change the size of the overlay. Everything else is perfect.

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Yes, it doesn't create the image if you have too many packages, very frustrating. I was able to max it out, but I can't put larger packages in.

I would like to second that we really need UCI-defaults and overall size options. With those options, it's super powerful.

Another enhancement would be a URL that selects all of the filled out options, then I can just save that... :slight_smile:

I hope this feature will be added as soon as possible. However, the addition of this feature seems far away!

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What is this error?

OpenWrt: A note about using new stable releases before they are announced


The image builder may have a 22.03.3 option in the menu, but it won't be active until the 22.03.3 has been officialy announced. In the meantime it displays an error message.It should be a matter of days.


Thanks, I thought it was already released, my mistake!

Nothing serious. It happened to me before.
The announcement has been done, the image builder should work by now.

nope!! it still showing the same message.

Added. Please be patient this is an open source project with people doing this in their free time.


Please test the feature with the staging selector


Is the script kept or removed on every firmware update?

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i came just tested thanks again for this functionnality he has worked perfectly on my router :wink:

As I understand it, the script is implementet using uci-defaults. It will be executed at every boot, but will be deleted, if its exitcode is 0.

Would it be possible to save the configuration used to configure the firmware. This includes the package list, and also uci-defaults. It should be saved inside the fimware, eg in /etc/auc.config.packages and /etc/auc.config.uci-defaults.
I have used the imagebuilder to create images with reduced footprint by removing some ppp* and ipv6 packages. But since I don't document it (my bad) - it would be nice to have the list in the running firmware.

I have tried this function in the past and the script that I entered in the corresponding field was lost when updating OpenWrt with ASU. Therefore, the image to update is not "aware" that there are configurations included in the installed image.

Hi @aparcar , can you please have a look on servers ? Seems that ACU is not working, getting always "Requesting build (position in queue: 416)"... thank you :wink:

Could you please elaborate on what changes you do? Normally I'd except the script to modify the UCI settings, which are preserved over upgrades.

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Storage full again, I have to lower the total number of possible releases...