Old DIR-610-A1

Hi friends,
I found it lost in my archive box, an old DLINK DIR-610A1 and although it has only 4/32 I saw that it is still compatible with the last vs of the LEDE.

But my question is, could I use this device in any way useful on my home network, even with the hardware limitation of it?

I believe it will be a good exercise to study and improve my knowledge about LEDE, but I would like the help of my friends to guide me better.

I thank everyone

The release build has enough built in to do basic but useful things like what the stock firmware does, dumb AP or routed client. There is probably enough space to install SQM bandwith control, which is great for DSL or slow cable connections. It won't readily handle large applications like VPN though.

beware of this thing
on newer images only first boot is working, at least on my device

I have a same problens, install fine but after re-boot, briked .... back to stock FW and finder solution...

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