[Problem] D-Link DIR-610, don't reboot

Hi, i have a problem whit my lede install.

I follow the instruccions of this page https://lede-project.org/docs/guide-quick-start/factory_installation , i can install lede, and he work in my router, but every time when i reset de router or disconect from the energy, he go white. Can't access to any form, i do factory reset and reinstall lede, but every time when the power off the installation remove.
I use this archive for install: lede-17.01.2-ramips-rt305x-dir-610-a1-squashfs-factory

exist any solution for this problem? or i do incorrect install?

Sorry for my bad english.

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I get same problem at restart the router first time, i don't get factory reset, help me
sorry for the bad english

I fixed this issue doing this:

Before you Power on your router, connect it to the LAN card on your computer

  • When the router finish to install now can access to the administration ip that u set while configuring the router (192.168.x.1)
  • Now we will do the same step but updraging from the WRT page (System>Backup/Flash Firmware)
  • Backup your settings if u want it
  • Now navigate to "Flash new firmware image" keep selected "Keep settings"
    Add the image that we downloaded in the emergency mode step: "openwrt-18.06.1-ramips-rt305x-dir-610-a1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin"
  • Now confirm upgrade and wait some minutes while the router is configuring
  • When it was sucessfully upgraded it will show u the login page
  • Now u can access normal, and can disconnect from the power your router, dont worry it take like 30 seconds starting the first time when u disconnect, then will be like 15 seconds.

And that's all now can enjoy of OpenWRT in DIR-610 A1 and now u will be able to power off the router :grinning: (See Image 4)

Due to limitations I cant add more images in the same post but here i link the image gallery, all have his respective number: