Offline Mode Implementation

Anyone tried to achieve the offline mode working in openwrt Captive portal solution

I am taking about what happens when your WAN link goes down ? no DNS reachable . captive portal will stop poping up

  • As the OpenWrt is the LAN's resolver...if the captive portal is ran by the OpenWrt, then the DNS would still be reachable, correct?

  • Or are you referring to displaying a page on the Internet?

If you are talking about displaying a webpage on WAN, then the point is moot, as there's no WAN connection...

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Have you faced the environment when wan is down ?

What is the purpose of a lan resolver when it can't resolve you request ( which it can only resolve if it can reach other dns servers ) else it will only serve cached entries upto their expiry

I want to share a scenario when your router got detached from internet. . The behavior of capative portals when no internet is available to them

LOL. Of course. Obviously, one just unplugs their router. Or at my place of employment, usually a shovel or backhoe in the ground causes WAN to disconnect.

That's what I asked you; but you failed to answer me!
Usually, the portal is on the router, not on the Internet, so please explain. Lastly, the record for the portal should be in the local no "cached entry"! :wink:

Yes, but you didn't answer my question. WHERE IS THE CAPTIVE PORTAL PAGE LOCATED. In OpenWrt, it's located in the router! So your point would be moot!

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Portal can be on outside server or on router itself, if its on external sever than it's unreachable ( as WAN down )we can't do much
But if it's on router itself and wan down ( so no dns query will be served ) then what can be done ? Anyone ?

Why do you keep saying no DNS query will be served!?!? The query redirecting to the the portal will!!!

Even with no Internet, the same thing will occur:

  • The Layer 7 is captured and redirected to the LAN portal.
  • The client accepts and is allowed.
  • If there's no Internet, then that's all.

Once again, if you are advertising a new technology, please just inform the community at this time, thanks.

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I am not advertising I saw a few questions not not answered properly before I argue on that I am trying to help community to understand what I understood from my experience .

And as far as this thread , it took me week to understand this and achieve this thing , it is very important in future implementation like smart society and all
When my client came with this prob last year , even I thought it to be a very simple . Was laughing on his back

But try it once it will uncover a lot of misconceptions
Because a post I found wrongly answerd in which a guy is asking for using his host file entry on kids wlan and was denied

And plz let others see these post in a positive way .. your replies may let members make different opinion .

I also want to help in growing this community only

  • Can you elaborate then please?
  • Are you giving a solution, or asking for help???

I cannot tell if you're asking a question, or trolling about getting to the Internet when it's down.

Then, can you clearly state (for all to see) you want to edify the community regarding captive portals while the WAN is down?


I'm honestly interested, and it always seems as if you NEVER follow through.

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ok , got your point

i wont give you chance to say this again sorry

You just did.... again, still lost on if that means:

  • you were asking for help about captive portals
  • providing information about captive portals
  • or what... about captive portals?

(Similar to when you noted that you would tell the community about a way to manage multiple vendor routers with software on OpenWrt.


You promised it approximately 2 days ago - and stated we would see it the day following the post. Upon your returning to the thread (yet being active in the community for the entire period), you stated 3 companies had shown interest in the software; but still posted no software/code. It now seems you give a paid business deal as the reason.)

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@arjuniet I am interested to evaluate and deploy your project if it is still alive and you are interested to work with commercial arrangement for our company