Forcing any vendor access point (non OpenWrt) to do webauth using an OpenWrt router

Anyone achieved features on router not compatible for openwrt ? I just did it on unifi and tenda APs

Perhaps I'm thing I know I'm unable to do on OpenWrt is MPLS...although, it's not very common for household and consumer routers to do so.

But since this is possible on certain MikroTik devices (which can be converted to OpenWrt), I"m not sure this would apply in your question.

I'm confused about the phrase "webauth using an OpenWrt router" though.

let me explain what i wanted to do and what i found :-

suppose at one of your client site you have a smooth running openwrt accesspoints and you have implemented hotspot using lets say coova chilli
now client came with a cisco and ruckus accesspoints and wantto merge these access points in network of openwrt , any solution ? i have done this but just want to see if some better solution comes up

OK, this sounds like an have you done so?

No advertisement, it's very simple done for free fir my friend today, just thought to be a useful so shared it .

It's experts guys including you think over it

You haven't shared anything.

There's noting to think haven't provided anything yet.

  • Do you have the source code or script that you used?
  • Do you have a link to a Wiki or post explaining what you did?
  • What is it that you did, exactly? I usually plug just devices together to "merge" them...or flash them with OpenWrt firmware.

So...I ask again:

Gimme your mail id .. I ll send you what I did as , as for community I will reframe the question tomorrow again

Mine is

If you are not interested in posting to the community now, I'm willing to wait until all can see.

At this point, I don't even understand what you mean by the phrase "merge these access points." I'm willing to wait until you reply to this thread. I'm sure everyone would benefit from a script that somehow manipulates different firmware vendor's access points - using OpenWrt.

Yes I ll do it tomorrow evening. . Its not script it's just little changes in default working config and little connection tweek

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It's been 2 days. Following the OP's posts in hopes he'd provide more information - as I'm interested in the technology...he finally mentioned more in another UNRELATED thread:

Again, still no details (i.e. script or code).