NordLynx on Cudy WR1300

I am running 19.07 from the MFG website. I recently got this router and what I would like to do is have NordLynx on it. I followed this Here on a different router, but bricked it and sent it back. I puchased this WR1300 as it was a lot cheaper. I followed the tutorial to the "T" and for some reason. I am not getting my traffic to pass through the NordLynx interface. When I set up the NordLynx I added it to the WAN zone as others suggsted in the original link. I also added DNS (Nord Provided and Local PIhole) When I look at my public IP I am still seeing my ISP provided IP address. I am not totally sure how to fix it. I don't know if its the firmware that's imcompatible, but regardless. I think it would work. If anyone can assist me. It would be rather helpful. I understand this is a double post, and I am reposting since apparently my first post wasn't very transparent. I hope this post is a little clearer.

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