NordLynx Openwrt

Good day all. I followed this guide Hereon setting up my router running Openwrt 19.07 I tried this previously with a different Cudy Router (2100) but i bricked it and got a 1300 from cudy. I got it working the first time I set it up, and now on this new router, it's still showing my isp IP when I curl from ssh inside the router, and visit on that network when I am connected to it. Im kinda confused as to why it's suddenly not working. Anyone can provide some assistance it would be really appreciated.

Anyone available to help?

You may want to re-write your original message, it's very confusing, so it's not clear what you want to achieve, hence lack of replies.

Thanks. Let me come up with something more conclusive.

I am running 19.07 from the MFG website. I recently got this router and what I would like to do is have NordLynx on it. I followed this Here on a different router, but bricked it and sent it back. I puchased this WR1300 as it was a lot cheaper. I followed the tutorial to the "T" and for some reason. I am not getting my traffic to pass through the NordLynx interface. When I set up the NordLynx I added it to the WAN zone as others suggsted in the original link. I also added DNS (Nord Provided and Local PIhole) When I look at my public IP I am still seeing my ISP provided IP address. I am not totally sure how to fix it. I don't know if its the firmware that's imcompatible, but regardless. I think it would work. If anyone can assist me. It would be rather helpful. I understand this is a double post, and I am reposting since apparently my first post wasn't very transparent. I hope this post is a little clearer.

People really need to stop doing this.