No kmod-brcmfmac for target bcm4908?

Hi folks,
looks like for some reason the kmod-brcmfmac and kmod-brcmsmac packages were not generated for target bcm4908 in the 21.02 releases. This makes it impossible to use wireless on the R8000P, unfortunately.

Is there a reason why those were omitted?


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@anon89577378: right, but in exactly the same discussion you referring to, the just next entry says

So, I come back to my initial question: What is he reason, the kmod-brcmfmac package is not generated?

I saw it when I posted.

It was never explained in this thread from 6 months ago.

Both exist in 21.02.2 -

@jow would probably be the person that has the definitive answer.

It was renamed cypress-firmware:;a=commit;h=7ca7e0b22de6e629f5df12b8a935a168073bcca3

@shep not sure whether I got it right what you are trying to say

  • there is also no package or kmod named cypress-firmware for target 4908
  • in the linked git commit, firmware for BCM4345/6 is mentioned, but I think the R8000P is using BCM4365E for wireless
    So, how is your post linked to my question?