No internet connectivity on new wrt3200acm build released 03/14/2020


as the subject says, I flashed the new build on my Linksys WRT3200ACM router that was released on 03/14/2020. After flashing there was no internet connectivity, was connected to the router just not the internet. I then clean flashed by having it reset to default (backed up configuration, then unticked 'keep settings') and still no connectivity. When i re-flashed the previous build I was on (released 08/24/2019), the connectivity was then working again.

I see that a new wifi driver was included for it according to its official page @:

I don't know exactly which build that was first introduced in. Is there some issue that may be conflicting with this on my router? I don't know how where to even find compatible wifi drivers for it, so i haven't been able to even test that. Though the issue still persist even when connected via ethernet, so it may not be it at all. The fact that it was flashed in a clean slate, seems to think its a bug. The official OpenWRT works fine, however I was using david's build because I don't believe OpenWRT is supporting this model any longer, as I haven't seen its release version change or anything new added to its page.

Its difficult to try diagnosing this while trying to research online as well, as when its flashed I have no internet to do the research, so I have to go back to previous built , research, take note of it, then re-flash it and try again. So it's kind of tedious, but as of now I am out of ideas and can't find anything online of any help.

I would like to clarify one thing, I have been always updating this build by flashing the .bin file. I have only flashed the .img file when I first came from official stock linksys firmware, afterwards its always been .bin. The faq on official download page states that .img is designed for V1 hardware, where it doesn't explictly state wether this model is or not but OpenWRT's offial page states this model is V1 Rango, I do not want to do something such as bricking it. Is it safe to flash the .img file instead? Would that have any possibility of addressing this issue?

Anyone may know what this issue is being caused by, if not a bug?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like a bug, you could log into the router and see if there is something relevant in the logs, or you can test another snapshot.

Those drivers you mentioned are related to the wifi section, they do not interfere with the wired interfaces.