No internet connection on iOS devices with unbound and dnsmasq in parallel mode

Hi there,

I wanted to use unbound as DNS resolver. Following the documentation at Github ( I configured dnsmasq to listen on port 1053 instead of 53 (referring to Parallel dnsmasq).

My Linux devices work well in this scenario. However, while my iOS devices connect to the WLAN, they do not have internet access. After reading the thread iOS 14 device no internet, I suspect the non-default port 1053 to cause this problem. :thinking:

Any suggestions on this?

I guess the prospect of a complex DNS resolver and iOS device problem acts as a deterrent. :wink:

Maybe the problem has nothing to do with unbound and dnsmasq.
That's why I'm also grateful for advice that doesn't involve them.

Use dig, drill, or gasp nslookup to run directed searches. SSH into your router, and also run from terminal on a client device. This will see if you can reproduce symptoms as viewed from iOS devices. Maybe Unbound or dnsmasq came up both wanting some other port.

$ nslookup @

The issue seems to be the OpenWrt not announcing the DNS server correctly. At least the connection works when I manually set the lan interface's IP as DNS server in the wireless configuration of the iOS device.

Interestingly, for Arch Linux it's the same issue, but under Debian not (it's working there somehow).

Is there any option which affects how OpenWrt announces the DNS server via DHCP?

I solved the problem by setting the following DHCP option in the settings of the lan interface: option:dns-server,

The problem with Arch was different and only a coincidence. :wink:

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