NIGHTHAWK XR500 firmware request

Can anyone please make a firmware compatible for this unit the stock firmware is based off of openwrt, I’ll be extremely grateful and willing to donate to the developer

I did make a pull request for support: but there has been changes to a few things and the comment about it being the same as r7800 'requiring' extra dts work

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This should work, currently working as a WDS client for me

Based off of hnyman's build scripts/Master branch

Unfortunately I can barely use this the luck web interface doesn’t load takes almost 5-10 minutes to switch different sections on router and etc, is there a way to fix this I just want SQM qos

try a factory reset or tftp flash, I have been running the exact build as a wds client/ap since i built it with no issues

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Does sqm work with open wrt on xr500

Can you submit this so we can get official support for the xr500?

Please move over to Netgear XR500 support? which seems to be the more active topic regarding XR500

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