Netgear XR500 support?

Can we get official support for the XR500? The team over @ gargoyle firmware need official support in order to port and maintain the firmware. Thanks!

For info: Hardware specs:

I can't find it on Amazon any help?

It is basically the same device as the r7800, just with a larger flash chip and different partitioning. There was an allegedly working PR #2076, which more more or less just needed some DTS refactoring, to share the bulk of its content with the r7800.

i will do a refactor and do a pr then....

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@Sunaikinti do you have a router so i can build a test image for you and create some instruction on how to install this?

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Yes I do and I would be happy to test!

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The image i will provide is full of sh*t (unbound and lots of package) as i'm using the same config i use on my r7800

i will provide both ramdisk and image file

Thanks! Will put it on tonight, report findings in about 12 hours.

Just to state the obvious (and to avoid avoidable roundtrip times). The safest way to test these images, is by loading the initramfs image from a serial console (this requires you to open the device and attach a 3.3V USB-serial adapter to the serial header on your router's PCB, see the r7800 wiki page for details). If you do choose the (more risky) option to flash the factory image directly, be aware that you need to use tftp for flashing (the r7800 should be a good reference again).

If you wouldn't mind a backport to 19.07 if possible as well? Otherwise @Sunaikinti is going to be quite disappointed when he comes back to Gargoyle and I tell him "we don't base off master" :slight_smile:

It will be a nice device for Australian users. We never got the r7800, only the weaker d7800. This one is on shelves locally by the looks of it.


unless the original pr had a broken dts this should work right away....

mhh i don't think openwrt approve backport of device

I think i will make a pr with 4.19 and 5.4

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as is the rt2600ac... the key changes are dts only... and some minimal image/Makefile

can't understand the reason of this market limitation...

Didn't work. Couldn't ping router. Internet light never came on. If I rebooted router I would get 4 pings then stopped. Used tftp to install firmware. Went back to previous openwrt and works fine. And Lantis is right, I really want gargoyle :slight_smile:

If you can get it going here, I'll look at a backport. But I just won't maintain out of tree stuff.

wait i'm stupid....... sorry will make another image today

(my config was for dsa configuration... and the image i provided is without the phy driver and swcfongi)

@Sunaikinti this should work

Same. Can't ping router. No internet light. All other lights working. Tried reset.?