Is it possible to add DUP (duplicate) module for replacement of the TEE iptables module with FW4

As I workaround I use NFT for firewall and iptables for tee modules, but since FW4 is the new standard I hope I can remove iptables in the futures release.


#CONFIG_NFT_DUP_IPV4 is not set
# CONFIG_NFT_DUP_IPV6 is not set

Duplicating packets - nftables wiki

openwrt/config-5.15 at master · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub

Here other users issue/request
Firewall4 custom nftables rule with dup statement results in "Unknown Family" - Installing and Using OpenWrt / Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum

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Did you submit a pull request implementing the change?

It's rather unlikely for anyone to pick up feature requests and work on them for stuff they don't need, providing a tested patch tends to be received more easily.

Ok I will try then.


Base on this the kernel configuration should be there, but I found noting in make menuconfig

IPv4 nf_tables packet duplication support - CONFIG_NFT_DUP_IPV4 - nft_dup_ipv4.ko -

I work in the openwrt-22.03 branch
The config is only in generic, but I can't enable it on MVEBU

~/openwrt $ grep DUP target/linux/generic/config-5.10

I just opened a subject related to this: OpenWrt 22.03 build - kernel modules compiling BUT missing in install image - #2 by bolemo

Seems like even with CONFIG_NFT_DUP_IPV4=y, CONFIG_NFT_DUP_IPV6=y, CONFIG_NF_DUP_IPV4=y, CONFIG_NF_DUP_IPV6=y, the produced image does not include the kernel modules (they get lost between the building directory and he staging directory.

But adding manually the kernel modules works :wink:

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Thanks for the info, I will try the module so probably I can load it on the stable version if I just copy the module manually

If the modules are compiled on the same system for the same kernel (version and all), it should work yes.

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I want to tack onto this thread, if that is ok, as I have a very similar request regarding CONFIG_NFT_CONNLIMIT:

In that same thread I posted about the legacy iptables package iptables-mod-conntrack-extra which provides the connlimit kmod (and others) for fw3/iptables.

IMHO it would be wonderful if NFT_CONNLIMIT, NFT_DUP, and others might be built as modules and packaged up in a similar way for fw4 for those of us that want such functionality.

Cheers, and happy holidays!

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