22.03.2 unable to use "ct count" nft rules

As outlined here:

I cannot create any rule using "ct count".

Executing this on cli:

nft add rule inet fw4 forward tcp dport 22 ct count 10 accept

Results in this:

Error: Could not process rule: No such file or directory
add rule inet fw4 forward tcp dport 22 ct count 10 accept

Can anyone else confirm that this works? The nftables wiki article also reads:

Note: connlimits require at least nftables 0.9.0 and Linux kernel 4.19.10

But 22.03.2 is running nftables 1.0.2 and Linux kernel 5.10.146. Exactly which file and/or directory does it need? Is there something missing in the 22.03.2 OpenWRT kernel that it needs?

Thanks in advance for any/all help.

The module CONFIG_NFT_CONNLIMIT is not built in OpenWrt.


Thanks for the timely feedback, I'll stop trying to make it work now. Not sure if I feel like building a custom kernel to get this functionality... :slight_smile:

I now see that there is an .ipk package for iptables - "iptables-mod-conntrack-extra" which includes connection limiting and other similar functionality. Hopefully a similar package can be created for fw4/nftables.

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A similar issue related to NFT_DUP was recently posted. You might chime in there for the CONNLIMIT functionality.

Thanks for the suggestion, that makes sense to me and I will post in that thread as well.

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