Newbie with GL-AR750S-Ext

...because everywhere else, they don't put generally put breaking changes in the updates queue, and then say "Don't actually use these".

Gotcha :+1:

Maybe some sort of warning on the software update page or tab would be in order...

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That 'factory reset' procedure got zero response, of any kind, from the AR750S.

The GL.inet debricking procedure seems to work, right up to the point of trying to connect to the web page @ - like nobody's home. I may pursue that further on the GL.inet forums.

Some quick hints...

  1. Configure your NIC card to / first, then power up the AR750S into uboot mode and connect to it on
  2. If it won't connect try deleting your cookies / clear your saved browser data, turn the NIC on and off and try again.
  3. Often it takes a few tries.


Done that, no difference.

Different browsers (that have never been to this address / site), and have cleared the browser data. No difference.

I'm way, way past a 'few' tries at this point.

When booting into uboot, there is no web server running, so browsers won't work. Try using a simple tool like ping to see if the device is responding in general. If it responds, you'll probably be using tftp to transfer the firmware file.
EDIT: I was wrong about this, but the ping test is still useful.

I would have to disagree on that.

One, the GL.inet debrick procedure specifically says to take a browser to and literally shows a screenshot of the page.

Two, that's literally how I got the vanilla / clean version of OpenWRT on the device, all the way back at the start of this thread.

Aside from that... ping to times out, no response.

Noted. Sorry for bad advice there (many devices don't have a web server active when running uboot, but this one clearly does). I've edited my post so future readers won't be lead astray.

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I'm sorry but is the takeaway from this thread that we should just stick to the glinet firmware for now? If flashing vanilla stable is borking devices it sounds like that is the case and maybe should be added to the The Wiki "under construction" page?

I ubooted 4 x AR750S to vanilla 19.07.7 no problemo and then upgraded through LuCI to 19.07.8 as well. I also ubooted one device to 21.02.x nor then ubooted nor nand without bricking. All are working perfectly. Just use the firmware selector.

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The reason his device got borked is a generic limitation of OpenWrt, see

Very true. But in my experience, a failsafe or uboot recovery is still possible under most circumstances. In the case of failsafe on most devices, it boots from the ROM partition with limited services -- this usually allows successful booting since it doesn't pay any attention to the RW partition(s) that could have bad configuration files/packages/etc. that might conflict. And the uboot typically doesn't get touched in any normal OpenWrt functions such as package installation/upgrades, so I would expect that to work, too. But it is entirely possible something went seriously wrong and borked the RO partitions, too.

Just to add insult to injury, it almost came back... the debrick procedure worked, the interface came up when accessed from a different PC. The firmware update didn't take, though, and now it won't bring up the debrick screen from either PC, on any port.

To be fair, this particular unit had been acting odd (wifi dropping erratically, etc, etc.) before all of this; I was hoping that moving from the gl.inet firmware to 'vanilla' OpenWRT would maybe remedy that. I got greedy and didn't settle for the stable release because I wanted to have all the onboard memory available, not just the 16mb flash.

Try throwing the WIN10 box in into a volcano then load ubuntu on an old laptop then reattempt the uboot procedure.

Yeah... that's totally what I'm gonna do in an attempt to resurrect a used $70 travel router :roll_eyes::rofl:

I'm thinking more along the lines of taping the damn AR750S to the target board @ 300yds next time I go to the range :dart:

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OK. I'll give it a try and hope for the best.

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Wait a minute. So the vanilla OpenWRT doesn't utilize all of the onboard memory of the device? Is it the same with the stock firmware?

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Try it and find out? Just order another one?

My understanding is that 'vanilla' OpenWRT is compiled for 'NOR' memory by default. The AR750S has 16 MB of NOR, and 128 MB of NAND. Hence the gyrations involved early on in this thread, going from 'stock' to 'vanilla' stable/release to 'release candidate' NOR then RC NOR/NAND.

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Already got a Beryl MT1300 yesterday :+1:

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How do you like it? When I returned the first Slate I was very close to changing the replacement to the Beryl but read the size is considerably larger making it less travel friendly?