Newbie trying to create simple VLAN at home for weeks, no luck

Hello, I live in a shared house with many roomies. Recently I've been having problems with others messing with my chromecast connection while casting content to my tv. I set the guest mode off but still seems people can try and cast stuff to my chromecast which results in me ending up logged out and having to reconnect the streaming service and start the show again. It's a real pain. So I heard creating a VLAN will address just that. I installed OpenWRT 22.03 on my old Asus RT-N56U that's been unused for quite some time. I've spent hours and hours on youtube watching tutorials on how to create a VLAN with no luck. The main problem seems that I can't manage to make it broadcast internet effectively as access point. However it looks like under some configuration, among the hundreds I've tried, it started broadcasting a working internet signal overnight. Went to bed with it not working and in the morning it was giving a working internet connection.

In escence what I need to create is a simple VLAN for my handful of devices: a chromecast, a smartphone, my PC, my tablet and it'd be cool to attach a hardrive to the router to create a Plex media server. My first hundred tries focused on configuring the router as an access point but then I understood making it a switch was the correct option but the few tries at that have not worked either.

Can someone please point me to the right direction? I'm about to give up. Thanks in advance.

What does your uplink look like ?
Wireless ?
Ethernet cable ?

Oh sorry, I missed that important part. I'm trying to connect wirelessly to the house Wi-Fi and make a secondary network from it.

Skip the vlan, connect to your source of internet, and place the connection in the wan firewall zone.

This should be enough.

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What mode should I configure the router? AP?

No, you need the router feature for the firewall, it'll stop your roomies from accessing your personal lan.

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So, I'll create an extender with the connection filtered by my router's firewall, right?

In a way, yes.

But you're not retransmitting the wifi signal with the same SSID and password, and there's a firewall in there too.

If you don't know how to set it up, it's easy.

Go to wireless, do a scan, and join the main network
Put the new connection in the wan firewall zone.

Just make sure the uplink doesn't use the same subnet as your routers lan side, it'll break the routing

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Cool, I'll try that. Thanks Frollic!!

Good luck.

Depending on what you've already tried, you might want to start with a reset ,)

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Haha I just did that. However, my wan firewall zone is shown as "empty". Should I go to the firewall section and configure it?

When doing the scan -> join, or ?

Post a screen shot.

I'm past the scan/wan creation phase. I'm attaching my wan configuration screen and my firewall screen.
Since I'm a newbie, the system would let me attach only one image. I decided to attach the firewall screen.

You don't need to touch anything here.

The firewall zone is set on the interface.

So I'm good to go?

Oh wait. you mean I should configure the firewall in the interface screen?

For the new uplink connection you just created

That's the one.

It seems like it's already configured or should I do something there? Btw, I diagnosed the connection and it pinged ok to the default gateway (the main router).