New stable version mailing list


Any chance you can create a mailing list where u announce new stable versions? It would help me - and I better others too - a lot.


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You can always check lede-adm here:

Yes, I know, but there are so many other e-mails which I don't need and don't want, I just want to be informed about new stable versions.

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Well, there are maybe 4 stable versions per year (maybe 2 main releases like 17.01.0 and 2 maintenance releases like 17.01.X ). So checking the releases download directory with browser once per month or once per quarter will keep you updated nicely.
Or check the list of releases in

I doubt that a specific mailing list would be created, as the releases are so rare and sporadic. And there is usually no need to update immediately.

Ok, I'll stick with checking myself on regular basis. Since upgrading with LEDE isn't always unproblematic (I just bricked a WR710N - I think it was due to the low amount of RAM) upgrading shouldn't be done that often anyways and with enough time and care.

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I would like to see this too, a general low content announce-mailing list. - Releases, major project changes, etc.

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As a logged in wiki user, you can subscribe to wiki pages, i.e. you will get notified if this page changes.

Click the envelope button on the right side of the page:

In this case:
You may get more than one email, but you will get at least one if there is a new release.

Example email:

Tested and working (at least for gmx email accounts. arcor doesn't seem to work)


Another way to stay up to date with the releases: RSS feeds.

With a RSS reader app on your mobile phone (I'm using the read app), you will get notified about every change in the releases namespace.

Anonymously, no need for subscription to the wiki.


FYI - Devs are thinking about an announcement mailing list where new releases will be announced:

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@tmomas, meanwhile the GNOME Project approach:

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That's weird. I consider Crispin to be very anti-end-user based on his past actions. He's one of those people who makes sure OpenWRT stays the insular decisions-made-in-private smoke-filled-room organization that it is. I would not assume he intended for this to be for end-users of OpenWRT.

After all, when they set up all the other mailing lists for LEDE, nothing was done for end-users, despite the old OpenWRT having multiple mailing lists for end-users. They ditched the userbase about as hard as they could.

I doubt any of the core devs or frequent contributors, who are likely doing a git fetch several times a week, need a mailing list to know what the state of the source code is. I further doubt that any of them run a "release" build for anything but testing purposes.

Edit: This does seem to be exactly what you said "would be great".