How are end-users and devs supposed to know about new releases?

To the best of my knowledge, OpenWRT/LEDE doesn't have any method of pushing announcements out to end-users or contributing developers about new releases.

People who are somewhat involved subscribe to the mailing list. For others there's sticky topics that poke your eyes out in the forum.

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This gives you a general idea but not completely detail

Drill down for more details

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Both answers so far require proactive behavior on the part of the user to go out and periodically check for new releases. That's not what I asked for.

An announcements mailing list would be great, but the old OpenWRT announcements list was shut down in the last year or two.

I don't use twitter myself, but that would be reasonable. However, the OpenWRT official twitter account doesn't appear to list any announcements, and is also full or non-announcement kind of self-promotion that would be inappropriate for an announcements mechanism.

Dang, that's a really good solution. I even already have another git notification service set up and I didn't even think of it. Thanks vgaetera!

I think you can also subscribe to be notified on Wiki (releases) page change.

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