New Router recomendation

Many thanks, Warlock!

Think I followed the instructions correctly but unfortunately can still see the individual's posts. It appears I have only succeded to " Suppress all notifications and PMs from these users", instead of completely blasting him as I had hoped. Many thanks for the trouble you have gone to tho!

Final step should be, scroll down and click Save Changes

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Since you disabled PNs I post this publicly:
Please, take this discussion of discourse's features and how to configure them to a new thread in the "Site Feedback and Other Questions" sections. Thanks.

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I genuinely don't understand whether you are instructing me to do this now, perhaps via the board's threading feature that I have not really got to grips with??

But to clarify, my intention with this line of enquiry was simply to eliminate pointless and timeconsuming distraction. That remains my objective, so if you confirm you want me to actively do something here I will delete my account. This is a complete waste of time and whatever your intention may have been, you are at this point merely contributing to that.

Thanks for any clarification

That seems rather extreme as response for pointing out (per PN for you to add, only turned public due to @Warlock's choices) that there are better and worse places for extended discussions of discoure's features, and this thread and forum section appear to be in the "worse" category.

Finally, on the "Preferences" "Users" page, just add me (or whoever you want to ignore) to the "Ignored" list section where the descriptive text says:
"Suppress all posts, notifications, and PMs from these users."

and not only in the "Muted" list where it says:
"Suppress all notifications and PMs from these users."

The phenotype you described (still seeing posts) implies that you only used the "Mute" option not the "ignore" option, something a few minutes of googling might have allowed you to discover.

Whether you delete or keep your account here, is that really a decision you want to put into the hands of a random stranger in an internet forum? Genuinely puzzled...

Sorry you feel that way, but really as I hinted at before, you can simply decide not to read/continue reading posts you consider as a waste of your time.

However, I will bow out of this thread, as I clearly am not contributing anything helpful.

I originally purchased the very similar Asus RT-AX86u. I exchanged it for the RT3200 (which is one of the favourites for OpenWrt at the moment).

Asus-Merlin is not OpenWrt, and so the spectrum of what you can do on it is comparatively limited.

Also there are a lot of bugs and issues with Asus devices running Asus Merlin which plague the snbforums. I myself had to write my own script just to maintain internet connectivity after battling with this issue for ages.

The collective expertise of OpenWrt is immense and despite what you might think it is a very friendly community. But to fully benefit from it you'd have to grow slightly thicker skin and not take offence so much. Actually @frollic above made some useful suggestions. Everyone seems to take offence at everything these days. Hope nobody takes offence to the latter sentence.

I think you would benefit overall from persevering with an OpenWrt solution and I'm not exactly sure what form that would look like yet. Perhaps an RPi4 or small x86 device. In terms of processing power those are going to obliterate the Asus device you have in mind, and then you'd also get the rich OpenWrt feature set and expertise of this community.

Such processing power would allow you to use VPN + CAKE at full rates, which I think wouldn't be possible with the Asus device (which I think is limited to about 250Mbit/s /w CAKE). See e.g. here:

Thread 'Cake max speeds'

And worse still you won't find a way to manage CAKE in the context of VPN pbr, which is something I was able to do here on OpenWrt (see this script) with help from other users. With OpenWrt if a feature doesn't exist yet, you can tap into a lot of expertise and get it created.


Thanks, @Lynx, very much appreaiate your reply and that you have gone to the trouble of reading my comments in detail and understood what I am trying to achieve!

Fully accept your arguments in favour of openWRT. These, along with the commitment of Kong who I have the greatest respect for, are why I am here!

But my situation is I get the keys to my new house tomorrow, and I need to get something up an running quickly. I have many, many things to do, and simply haven't the time or inclination to start cobbling an x86 system together, especially w/o a better understanding of openWRT configuration.

The place I have bought is also on 3 floors and there is some chance I may need a Mesh/multi access point system. Haev run that successfully previously on my old E4200 ddwrt setup, but that no longer cuts it with prospective speeds.

So for these reasons I have decided to buy an AX88U, which I have got a pretty good sale deal on, and note it is also the router merlin has himself been running so hope the firmware is well optimised!

Appreciate your comment about VPN+QoS, but I don't anticipate any need to run QoS since there should be ample bandwidth for my household, and have in the end gone with only a 500/500 connection for starters.

Am still expecting to run one of my E4200s as an access point, and will flash that with openWRT to get a better feel for it.

And as I said I buy your arguments in favour of openWRT so expect to be back in future when I have a better feel for what I need!

Again thanks

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I personally ran Asus-merlin on RT68u but moved over to Fresh tomato :tomato: on that hardware, but found both firmware to be limiting the hardware potential.
While Openwrt is a different ball game altogether. I am using it on a ancient 4300V2 but what it is possible with Openwrt can be dreamt of in Asus land.
Secondly just like in DD-WRT forums some users don't like to give help in forums instead will restore to "Google that", although fresh tomato :tomato: does have some brilliant noob friendly members too.
You can initially use AX88 but what speed you have mentioned in few weeks times you will need a X86 hardware so start planning ahead.


Thanks @KOA, appreciate your comments

Do you have any experience of running Opkg/Entware on Merlin and openWRT, and if so do you have any comments on that specifically? (have a small MySQL database I would like continue to use that was a pig to set up under optware/dd-wrt!)

Sure, understand that, and it is fair enough, although as a non-response you have to wonder why bother in the first place? But getting it on an unsolicited basis 5x from the same individual in 90mins is imv self-evidently taking the proverbial, and i have no compunction whatsoever calling it out as such!

Anyway, onwards and upwards ;-o

BTW I do have an old AMD 5350 APU board I believe I could probably use for this but, need to find a suitable case, as well as the other bits.

One of the factors I didn't mention is I typically work from home and like to have backup hardware, which is why I have a total of 4x e4200s. Building my own would give me extra peace of mind, but it's just not an immediate priority

Congratulation on your new house.

Glad you have a mind set on where you'll be and what you'll have time for in the near future.

I do not have a recommendation of Routers only to share that as far as forums go, and searchability and response. OpenWrt is Google indexed whereas :tomato: is not. There is no search function on the forum just passing thru. I have one :tomato: router running within my life; I've at least 8 OpenWrt routers, and one DD-Wrt that I too outgrew due to ISP package upsales.

If you value your time; consider looking real quick, and for the key terms. I may have overlooked details in this thread even though, I read through it.
Forgive my imposition.
PS, I don't look at my :tomato: often: that says something too. :ballot_box_with_check:

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Thanks Bill!

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I would encourage you to get something easy set up and working, first. After that, figure out what you want long-term. Being stuck with a suboptimal network, for years to come, because you rushed it, wouldn't be a good outcome.

For what it is worth, I live in a 4 level townhome and decided to use the following gear.

  • NanoPi R4S (router)
  • Netgear GS308T (switch)
  • 4 x TP-Link Archer C7 (access points)

Every device is running OpenWrt and I'm very happy with my setup. The devices are all cheap enough that I have spares, for testing and replacing anything that fails.


OpenWrt does seem counter-intuitive / not so noob-friendly, but its modular nature, and easy installation of Opkg packages make it a much more capable firmware

To quote a few examples just to install entware, I have to issue so many commands but still not successful, on the other hand installing OPKGs on OpenWrt is like a walk in the park.

To draw the signal graph for a long period of time on Freshtomato :tomato: was another headache, compared to Openwrt's Collectd plugin

The icing on the cake I used two different USB drives without formatting any in OpenWrt

  • One was a 32GB FAT32 drive which was easily mounted into the OpenWrt by just using the right Opkg package. It still contained my regular word documents etc
  • Second was the drive I tried using in Freshtomato :tomato: formatted as ext4 and still contained the files from the freshtomato :tomato: attempt I made to install entware.

thanks @KOA

No swap partition with the ext4? That is certainly necessary on ddwrt Optware which should be bascially the same thing, and if you've been having problems could be the problem!

On OpenWrt as I said, it was like walking in the morning breeze, I didn't touch anything related to swap partition, just plug and play almost.
Install the relevant USB packages and start walking

Just like anything else, I love installing packages from GUI instead of messing with cli.
Just go to System>software and install all the relevant packages.
Mount from System>mount points.
As said before, I didn't format any of the drives nor created any new partitions.

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:grin: - Got you!

Whether swap/paging is useful or not depends on the load... some kernel buffers can not be paged out at all, and since most routing happens inside the kernel a relative pure router will not dip deeply into swap, heck even with ample available swap space a router with too little physical memory might still invoke the out-of-memory killer. (On my current turris omnia with adblocker and suricata and 1GB ram, no swap is needed. Yes, 1 GB is ample, but the machine is doing more than pure routing)


yes for the dollar WRT3200ACM is the way to go

try reading the whole thread.