Collectd-mod plugins

While browsing the forums, I read about these plugins e.g

I want to know, does this only graph real-time data or does it store historic data? e.g can I retrieve the signal graph from 2 days ago?

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luci-app-statistics uses the collectd plugins. If you point the rrd output to persistent storage i.e.USB, yes

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I do have a FAT32 32Gb usb mounted. How do I point the rrd output to it?

Statistics/Setup/Ouput plugins/ Configure RRDTool

In your case: /mnt/sda1/rrd


let me do it and report back.

Which theme you are using?

Personal custom, based on Material Theme

these are rrd tool setting but output

Make sure you Save/Apply, then issue /etc/init.d/luci_statistics restart ; /etc/init.d/collectd restart or reboot. It will take a few minutes to populate.

You can also check ls /mnt/sda1/rrd It should return a folder with your domain name.

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I did all the steps the first time, all from GUI (typical noob) except for the


which was done from SSH.
it didn't work...

reset the plugin to default, reentered the setting from GUI, and now it is working.

root@OpenWrt:~# ls /mnt/sda1/rrd


can you upload the theme files ask OPKG package?

Do you roll your own?

I haven't used any custom theme, beyond those available in the opkg repository. With so much free space available, I would love to use custom themes.

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