New Router recomendation

Hi, am a longstanding ddwrt user running an ancient kong build that I have been very happy with on an old E4200.

But am shortly moving to a new house with 1000/1000 mibt fibre and obviously need to upgrade hardware and software and since dd-wrt development appears to be a mess last I checkied this seems the right place to go

I have read the thead regarding router througput limitations, but nevertheless want an all in one solution with lots of connection options that if not able to utilise the entire bandwidth available gets me perhaps 80% of the way there which appears to be what my NordVPN can handle anyway.

Am leaning towards the Linksys WRT3200ACM for now, but really have no clue about current hardware.

Does anybody have any comments or better alternatives?

Many thanks!

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Start by reading Looking for Gbit / multi-Gbit router available in the EU - #2 by slh

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Thanks, but as I said

"I have read the thead regarding router througput limitations"

You're missing the point, and I doubt the 3200 will get you anywhere close to those 80%.

But hey, it's your $$$ down the shitter..

Well that's helpful

No, that was reality.

Helpful were the links you had already read...

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Can I block you on this forum? You seem to be tolling

Sure, I toll a lot here.

I register here today indicating my experience of router state of play is not current and seeking help, but that I have read the the thread yoiu seemingly spam constantly

You then post telling me to read that thread, suggesting you had not in fact read my post. Oh the irony.

I point that out to you, and you then proceed to scold me for failing to understood it properly. If that is true it is precisely why I have come to this forum.

Your contributions to this thread have so far been 100% worthless to me, and that's a fact :+1:

just my point of view about the WRT3200ACM

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Many thanks, [shdf], will have a look at those 2!

Have also come across the TP-Link Archer C50/ AX6000 which appears can be flashed with openWRT.

My experience of TP link is old but that they tended to run very hot, and I am hoping they may have improved in the last 10-15years! Do you or anybody else have any views on that model?

The gist is, if you got 1 Gbps and want your router to be able to cope with it on OpenWrt, you need a decent x86 setup. The WRT3200ACM, as frollic rightfully pointed out, does not come anywhere close. I don't know what it's going for, but if you are in the market for new hardware anyway, it's a bad choice. See this for a bit of background:

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Thanks Borromini, got that!

Now looking at an ASUS RT-AX88U. I don;t seem to see an opnWRT port for it, but otherwise it seems to tick all the boxes including on throughput.

Anybody know if there is a processor limitation that means openWRT can not be ported or is it just a question of time?

It's a risky bet to buy devices without knowing the internals and hoping someone will port OpenWrt. Plenty of Asus 802.11ac/ax devices are Broadcom based e.g. and will never see proper OpenWrt support. So find out the internals before you purchase.


Use the search, Luke....

Try to find a Roqos RC10, or understand (not only read) the threads you claim you've read.

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Yep, looks like the choice is restricted to stock and AsusWRT-Merlin. Still looks interesting tho!

While also a bit long in the tooth, and a bit pricy, the currently sold turris omnia is pretty decent. In my tests a few years ago I managed bidirectional traffic shaping at saturation loads up to ~550/550 Mbps, if your load is only unidirectionally saturating it should get close to your accepted ~800 Mbps.

WiFi is ath9k and ath10k, so no WiFi6 yet, but the wifi cards are replaceable and a WiFi6 replacement seems to be under testing (without any guarantee of ever being declared usable).

Current devices sport an sfp cage that allows up to 2.5 Gbps ethernet (with a compatible module), but it is only a single port of that speed.

I bought an omnia years ago and have been happy with it, but I have not really asked myself what I would buy today if I had to.


Thanks, saw that ealier and looks very interesting but something of an unknown quantity for me as I have never heard of the brand before and know nothing about it whatsoever!

Also could not find an openWRT build via the site, but it seems to come prerolled as far as I can make out.

It is certainly a possibility but am perhaps now leaning to the Asus AX88U with the Merlin firmware. It's not what I ideally wanted, but it seems that is perhaps the closest I can get and does have some built on Trendmicro security features that look nice to have.

Frankly 800mbit down seems to be wild overkill for what my household can realistically consume, but if I'm paying for it I may as well have some hardware that can actually use it!

And am assuming I can just run one of my existing old Linksys E4200s as an Access Point off it, and stay with my ancient Kong build/Optware overlay for an extra layer of security on my private network

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And for the record we should state that this joker is constantly regurgitating stale info, since by all accounts the ASUS RT-AX88U is certainly capable of handling gigabit speeds if you are firmware agnostic