New Raspberry Pi CM4 IoT Router Board

I found this today referred by a friend and placed my order. I have a Pi4 with UE300 but I wanted something pcie instead of USB and this is very cheap for what it offers. I am assuming a normal OpenWRT image will load fine with a driver for the ethernet controller (for now I am assuming it’s realtek but I couldn’t find details on it so can’t say). I’ll update once I get mine.


Keep in mind that it wont work with a "vanilla" RPi4, you need the compute module.

Yep I am aware ... I will be ordering a 1gb/lite since that’s kind of enough as a home router so with shipping it’s going to cost me 53$ plus a cheap switch which imo better than ERX for QoS ...

Looks nice. Would be cool if it would work with poe too and would support emmc.
Also fair price i think.
Keep us informed and do some test when it arrived.


Yeah, this sentence is a little ambiguous:

"Storage Card: microSD slot (Only modules without eMMC supported)"

I'm guessing they mean that the microSD slot is only usable with modules lacking the eMMC module option, not that you can't use the board at all with such modules. Might have to prowl their forums to be sure.

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I saw that video yesterday. I cancelled my order as there were shipping issues to my country and my address changed as well but I might place an order again if I can know sqm performance for it … I mean as far as power consumption and price is concerned this is just unbeatable currently for gigabit.

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Hi, did you get this dual gigabit IoT carrier board + CM4?

Does the dual gigabit work out of the box with OpenWrt ?

No packages to instead to get the dual gigabit to both work ?

Yes you need to generate your own image for the secondary network adapter to work.

I have generated those here for my use:

You can use these files or do the following:

  1. Open
  2. Select the type: "Raspberry Pi 4B/400/4CM (64bit)"
  3. Expand "Customize installed packages"
  4. Ådd the following to the list of packages, space seperated: kmod-r8169 kmod-usb-dwc2 bcm27xx-userland
  5. Click "Request build" and then download your ext4 image and flash the eMMC with it

The drivers added are listed here on the Wiki:

Also added this info here