Anyone running the Raspberry CM4 + DFRobot router board

Is anyone running the Raspberry CM4 + DFRobot router board? I've found a few older threads (linked below) but nothing within the last year or so. A few questions come to mind.

  1. How stable is the setup?
  2. Any quirks or issues?

I've run a 1GB RAM CM4 Lite (no wireless) on a DFR Routerboard for testing but don't run it permanently because I don't have a satisfactory enclosure for it and I'd need an extra switch. It was as stable in my testing as a v1.1 Pi4 (2GB) + UE300 I also tested with somewhat better performance (enabling rx packet steering helps both considerably but the DFR setup is the better performer).

My iperf3 testing showed that the Pi4 (CM4/DFR or std/UE300) has an aggregate bus throughput limit somewhere in the vicinity of 1.1-1.2Gbps - it works up to nearly 1Gbps in one direction (either up or down) but can't handle bidirectional traffic at more than 1.1-1.2Gbps in aggregate :frowning: though I won't claim my testing covered a wide variety of bidirectional traffic patterns. The limit may be due to an inability to distribute the various interrupts to all cores (IIRC only eth0's IRQ could be re-assigned for both setups).

I chose to stick with SquashFS images because I was using SD cards and I didn't want to deal with fsck'ing ext4 filesystems if I had a power problem. The builds I was testing with were based on 22.03.5.

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Thanks for the detailed reply! Did you build your own image or use the DFR provided fork?

I also have a CM4 Lite with a DFRobot router board. Been using it for more than a year as my daily driver, no complaints. I'm using it with a GS308T switch, also with OpenWrt. Right now I'm using the 23.05.0-rc1 built with the firmware-selector, to add the kmod-r8169 package.

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Thanks for the info.

I built my own image.

following, parts should be here in a week