DFrobot router CM4 carrier board 21.02 release image build

I am trying to create an image for the DFrobot router board. I have tried following the guide (https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/additional-software/imagebuilder) but don't know what out of the many different profiles to pick and what packages to add to support the rtl 8111 chip for the second Ethernet port. Also how do you get it to make an emmc flashable image? Thanks In advance.

dfrobot cm4 wiki

contact the vendor and ask them to improve/update their guide...

at minimum they should be providing all customers with the required package names/instructions if they recommend openwrt, or submitting a PR to create an official variant

i see they have crossed out the official version as an option... yet state it will be released soon with no mention of driver... very confusing...

while you are there... it may be worthwhile prompting them to update their DFRobot Version based on the stable release... it is stale...


you should be using bcm27xx/bcm2711(aarch64) and there is one profile in the imagebuilder for that subtarget

make image PROFILE="rpi-4" PACKAGES="kmod-r8169 luci"

you will need to do this every upgrade but installing auc luci-app-attended-sysupgrade may make your life easier...

Thanks for the help. I ended up using this guide on github https://gist.github.com/dergeberl/56a4d29e62acd9aea96e220c64254317.

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Bah, I dont have a Linux machine up right now, any would you could link me the image made? I'd be super grateful.

You should be able to do it with any computer.

Boot a flash drive containing a live Linux image.

LOL........... I know I can do that. Thanks for the useless answers boys!

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