New logo and colors for wiki/site?

Since the Readme has been updated to 21st century on github, and now there is a more modern logo and trademark there, should we update the logo and colors in the wiki too?

I assume that the logo and trademark/slogan in the Readme is official enough to go on the main site as well?



I'm just waiting for the GO.

If the IP of the OpenWrt logo is now clarified (please confirm), we should be able to switch to the new logo + wiki template soon.

BTW: Open issue: Please fix kerning in new logo

I don't have any contact to the designer of the new logo.


@ynezz Since the new logo is alredy in use, and since there is no feedback regarding the kerning issue linked above: does speak anything against implementing the new logo (together with the new styling) in the wiki? Is the IP transfer of the logo now finished?


The logo is already deployed at e.g. so I'd suggest you just go ahead. Switching to a nicer kerning should be trivial

yeah but it would be nice to have some form of official statement on changing the project logo

How does an official statement would look like?

I find weird that I need to tell you what an official statement looks like, but here it goes.

All important project statements like new releases, critical updates for releases or meeting dates and whatnot are posted on the mailing list, so that's where you guys post official statements. Other projects have blogs or other more-press-friendly systems where they can make announcements too but OpenWrt does not have any of that.

I would say that the statement can just be a core developer saying in a mailing list post that there is an official logo change and link to the new logo images/svg/whatever.

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I like the modern look; it's like we suddenly moved to present time!


I remember someone saying something about it but I can't find it; the logo at the bottom of the wiki looks rather odd with its dark background. It should be either the one with white background, or otherwise the whole footer colour should be the same as the logo background.

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I have simply removed it (was just a click in the configuration).
We have the logo already at the top, no need for a second one on the bottom.