Netlink Bandwidth Monitor (nlbwmon) Missing Data

Hello, I have an Archer C7 V2 as main router. Also there is a wireless repeater which is TP-Link WA701ND. Both run LEDE Reboot 17.01.4 and nlbwmon is installed on. Repeater forwards DHCP packets and broadcasting data with "relayd" package from main router.
So I noticed that nlbwmon on WA701ND shows total download 852 MB but nlbwmon on Archer C7 shows 709 MB total download for repeater. There is a counting difference between them. I cleaned all data and started both at same time. After 24 hours there is a measuring difference about ~150 MB total. And some IPs missing on Archer C7. Maybe is this a problem with relayd package?
Any suggestions? Thanks and sorry for my poor English.

what we need is something with reverse geolocation on bwmon or active connections

See this thread...

nothing about reverse geolocation for me, i have wrtbwmon installed with usage etc, im trying to parse information from iftop turn it into a web page or at least link a geoip lookup or something to reverse geo incoming outgoing ip addresses. Have you used chaos calmer they have something like that

The reply was actually meant for the OP.

Should have quoted...sorry.

no sorry my problem

Thanks @jwoods. I followed link and installed wrtbwmon too to compare between them :slight_smile: I cleaned all data for nlbwmon and wrtbwmon on main router. Let's see how much difference will become between them.

I also used to "vnstat" but it's interface is not user-friendly. I used YAMon too but it is not integrated with LuCi and caused high CPU load so I deleted it.

This topic is highly interested about nlbwmon; Why such a huge discrepancy between vnstat and nlbwmon's bandwidth stats

I don't understand what you mean with "reverse geolocation" @sycohexor :frowning:

Yes I use it for 4 months before LEDE.

well i could have swarn it had some kind of popup with geoip lookups through the google locaion api on active connections.

On active connections you could click on addresses it would show a pop-up
of it's general location using Google API I think.