NethSecurity: a Fully-featured Linux firewall based on OpenWRT

Hi folks,
as I said, I'd like present NethSecurity a fully-featured Open Source Linux firewall based on OpenWRT that streamlines network security deployment in just a few clicks.

It combines multiple security features into a single platform including firewalling, intrusion detection/prevention, antivirus, multi-WAN, DNS and content filtering, and more.

We're in the RC1 stage, I can't wait to receive your feedback

Fully-featured Linux firewall

NethSecurity delivers all the functionalities of a modern Next-Gen firewall: MultiWAN, Deep Packet Inspection, VPNs, Threat Protection.

Made for your SMB

Designed specifically for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). It’s a cost-effective and integrated solution. No useless frills, just what a SMBs need.

Setup your firewall in minutes

A few seconds to install it, a few minutes to configure it. NethSecurity comes with an intuitive interface that allows anyone to use it effectively from the very first moment.

100% Open Source


do you pass fixes back upstream?

yes when possible
our work on rsyslgog has been in the upstream branch for a while


Hi there I took it for a spin...looks really clean, functional and realy nice... ports
seem locked at 100mb? and I see subscription options but the WHOLE NETHESIS site is Italian and no one there can tell me a price or WHERE TO SUBSCRIBE?...or even just assit with a price... I dont want to spend time on this if costs more than my current solutions? It integrates with FlashStart (yuck) ...I have tested them but using a MUCH better solution now. ALSO NO WIREGUARD!? or ZEROTIER?! who uses openvpn still...?

So I am more intersted in cost?

  1. Price
  2. Support
  3. What is free and will stay free?

thx not being negative you guys did a really GOOD JOB..just cost?

got this reply from Nethesis

prices are not public, prices are reserved only for partners

REALLY!?!?! and no one can tel me who my partners are in SA... thx im droppping this hot potato before it burns me! PITY!


Ehi evert I'm Alessio currently we don't have an active subscription for NethSecurity, we're working on it.

It's just an Open Source software like Open WRT
Please use it and test it as you like, I will let you know when we're ready.

I'm interested in this. How can it be installed?

Take a look here

So is this only x86.iso?

Also, It looks like you're using the netify agent. Are you getting the signatures from netify?

Also, do you have any screenshots of the Web UI?

ok! so far so good, I feel like this is what Openwrt should have been. Keep up the good work. The UI looks modern. I recommend people give it a try, alot of arm firewalls (dual port) have 1-4 gb of ram, so its not problem.

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The only thing I can recommend is a flow page to display the netify logs. I created something really simple. I'll upload it to the repo in a few hours.

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