Can I share our project based on openwrt?

We have created a new open source project based on OpenWRT, basically it's a Fully-featured Linux firewall
Can I share some info about it and ask for feedback?

Looks like this is the correct category but I am new and I don't know your forum policy :slight_smile:

this is an open forum

if you maintain correct behavior and free of phrases that could offend people and/or things you can publish almost everything that is inherent to Openwrt

you can also start linking your project / experience immediately if you have the possibility you can also insert your github link on the project you have in mind ...

the only written rules I have found are:

reference infrastructure:


Any chance you can post a GitHub link for code review/audit?

Sounds interesting pls do share!

Very interesting. Would there be an future option to also install packages ?

Thank you

@erizan @oceanmaster just posted more info here