Netgear R6700 version 2 mix up with D-Link DIR-509

I believe I'm seeing a real problem here With documentation specifically with the Netgear Nighthawk R6700v2 router details. The Details seem to be for a different model: D-Link DIR-509
|Brand|Brand of the device|D-Link|
|Model|Exact Model|DIR-509|

This is even more problematic because several places offsite note that Netgear switched from Broadcom chip in version one to a 880 Mhz MediaTek chip in Version 2. Since then they've come out with Version 3 with a Broadcom chip once again. I'm wondering if the database has been deliberately "hacked", because this is adding "insult to injury" for a buyer of R6700v2. A cruel joke. I believe users can only brick their router uploading OpenWRT firmware, it is not actually supported. Please can something be done about the documentation at least?
For reference:

Where is the problem? V2 have mt7621(It was tested), V1 and V3 Broadcom. It is impossible to install wrong factory image via stock web gui.

Are you speaking of this DIR-509, below the dataentry of the R6700 v2?