Netgear R6700 Documentation Errors and Broken Snapshot

Continuing the discussion from Netgear R6700 version 2 mix up with D-Link DIR-509:

Not only is the documentation page in severe error listing this router as the wrong device entirely but I can confirm that the snapshot image will never work. It will cause a brick should you try and use it, each and every time. The only avoidance to this so far I've found is to immediately apply the sysupgrade image over the top. That's the only way it doesn't brick. You can't install a GUI first even. Nothing at all can touch the snapshot or it bricks instantly basically into an unresponsive and unreachable state that it's even hard to unbrick from. I've reproduced it many times. Something seems to be very broken there and I suspect it could have to do with the incorrect documents meaning incorrect code is happening. That other device there doesn't exist. It's not just a "dummy device" but in fact one from another brand so it's very possible this could produce issues. I've seen less do so. Please correct the device page and consider looking into whatever catastrophic issue is occurring with the snapshot as well as I don't seem to be the first one to find out it bricks things.

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