Netgear R6220: Problems after Update from 19.07 to 21.02.01

Hello everyone,

I just decided to update to the latest OpenWRT Version 21.02.01 in my Netgear R6220.
Direct after flashing I was no longer able to reach luci, also with manual IP configuration. After using the physical restet button on my router, I was able to access luci again.

Now, the first problem I have: My Browser (latest Firefox version) says, that the connection is not secure and I always have to define an exception. I tried enabling the https redirect via
uci set uhttpd.main.redirect_https=1
but noting changes.

The bigger problem I have: There are no settings for the switch anymore... The dropdown entry is gone. As my whole configuration is based on the the VLAN configuration, I have no idea how to continue... Did I miss something?

Thanks for any advice.

Cheers, Lasko

All of your answers are here:

This device has moved from swconfig to DSA while upgrading to 21.02.

As such, sysupgrade will not be able to convert existing swconfig configuration to DSA configuration (see “Upgrading” below).

It is recommended to restart configuration from scratch. Perform a reset, or upgrade again without keeping settings.

EDIT : as you have reset using the back button, you may have now the default settings. You can configure.

Thanks for your answer. The Part with DSA I have skipped....
But where can I find information about the https topic? I have read this section and done the config, but nothing changes.

Thanks for your answer. I am back at the beginning. My big problem: I have not a big knowledge about networking and switches, was happy that I was able to setup my configuration with version 19 pretty easy with luci. I have looked up the guide, but now this looks like a complete new settings and options, which I am not able to handle and also do not understand very well:
I do not even get one of the first sentences:

With DSA, we just create a subinterface of the bridge interface (i.e. br0.2) to get the router (CPU) involved in that VLAN.

I hear the word subinterface and bridge infterface for the first time as I never needed it with version 19.

Yes, for everyone that is now saying, if you do not understand it, leave it. But this is no option for me, as most of the features OpenWRT offers are not available with stock routers. I am ready to learn, but with such guides it is not very helpful. Everything I have learned during my setup and configuration is now just useless for the switch config. And that is just one thing tried to setup again. I haven`t look anything up like firewall and DNS now :frowning:

Do you know any good blog or youtube tutorial witch explains it pretty easy for non network expert?
If not, I guess I will move back to version 19.07, as everything worked flawless and was easy to setup with these complex topics.

DSA Networking

Read this, it was acclaimed as very helpfull.

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Thank you very much - this guide looks pretty good :slight_smile:

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