Netgear EX6250v2 : installing OpenWrt

I am trying to install OpenWrt on EX6250v2.

I can't find the instructions to do so.

The Techdata seems to contain many broken links.

Can anyone point me to the documentation for first install?

"Git search" is the only one you need.

I have found 3 commits with EX6250 in it:;a=commitdiff;h=73de41898fcd06d837b013449c370c493bcdc595;a=commitdiff;h=0a1ebccc8702cadc50bc096f1e185472f3927786;a=commitdiff;h=f0eb73a888e2ed980b0943d4a2e4d19ad0af183a

But I am missing the installation instructions in this?

In addition, is it the case that openwrt on this device supports only 5Ghz wifi and not 2.4Ghz wifi?

Are you ??

the tech data says:
Unsupported Functions:WiFi and 2nd core

WiFi doesn't work at all (neither 2.4GHz nor 5GHz)
the 2nd cpu core is not working (slower device until support gets implemented eventually)

someone fixed the image links in the tech data for you.

they are also available here

download factory image
open netgear web gui
go to update menu and upload openwrt factory image
install/run update

you can also install said image or return back to netgear's firmware using nmrpflash

if you don't understand certain instructions, then please ask again.

Unless you feel like tinkering with this toy, I suggest you stay on netgear's firmware and enjoy a working device.

here is the pull request that added support for the ex6250v2 and another device

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Thanks a lot @Djfe , that answers all my questions and then some.

It seems like I bought the wrong device to install openWrt.
After looking a bit around the forum, I don't think there's a good candidate for a wifi repeater. I think I'll look at buying a small router and using it as a repeater.

this was also in the git commit link you received one week earlier ?

+ list of three radio devices - "tri band" (triple interface) router list

Not entirely. The git commit says:

Wireless 2.4GHz (currently unsupported due to lack of ath9k support):

  • EX6250 / EX6400 v2 / EX6410 / EX6420: QCN5502 3x3
  • EX7300 v2 / EX7320: QCN5502 4x4

Wireless 5GHz:

  • EX6250: QCA9986 3x3 (detected by ath10k as QCA9984 3x3)
  • EX6400 v2 / EX6410 / EX6420 / EX7300 v2 / EX7320: QCA9984 4x4

which I interpreted as meaning that 5GHz was supported but not 2.4 GHz.

@Djfe clarified that neither works.

I know from experience that comments can sometimes be maintained less accurately than code, so it's safer to ask when in doubt.

I was also worried about reverting to netgear's firmware, after reading this post. So @Djfe answers was also helpful beyond the git commit.

Thank you for that, I will look into it carefully.

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using an openwrt device as a Repeater isn't a good idea unless it's your only option.
Mesh (802.11s works a lot better, though repeating is always yn option, especially if the router doesn't run OpenWrt)

What about the D-Link DAP-X1860 or the D-Link COVR-X1862 (a pair)?
or the Netgear EAX12

there are a lot more. (see the list frolic posted)

in the end anything can be a router, access point, repeater etc.
You choose the configuration in software when using OpenWrt

about the installation commit and the wifi info:
you have a EX6250v2 and look at the commit that adds support for v1 (EX6250)
the first commit has the installation instructions;a=commitdiff;h=73de41898fcd06d837b013449c370c493bcdc595

Like other MT7629 devices, Wi-Fi does not work
currently as there is no driver.

the third commit is an entirely different device, unintuitive I know.
blame netgear for choosing so similar names for different hw

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Thanks for that.

In my case, I only need one extra device to extend the wifi.

WDS seems sufficient (and simpler) in my case than a proper mesh network.

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did you buy the ex6250v2 for openwrt (recently, so you can return it) or did you own it beforehand?

I bought it for openWrt, but it's too long now for a return.

Not a big deal, I'll find some use for it.

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